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December 05, 2008

I want this room

Another brilliant 'hack' coming from Ikea Hacker this week, Jules is on a roll. This is way more than just a simple hack, though, it's an entire room redo by Jennifer and Sean.

What a gorgeous room, and with what seems to be nearly 100% Ikea. I truly love it.

Here are some details. I am in awe of how they hung the Expedit shelf horizontally, on the wall. Gutsy! I love the two file cabinets next to each other as a leg, and the CD shelf as another leg. Last, the curtains. Next year, I need to learn to sew!

December 04, 2008

the sweetest ikea hack yet

Over at Ikea Hacker, Jules posted one of the sweetest, most creative hacks I've ever seen! Pinot and Dita at Our Artful Life decorated their wall with paint and Ikea fabrics.


So adorable. I am no painter, but I could really see this done on a wall with any kind of fabric to match your decor, and it wouldn't be at all child-like. Especially that tree! I wish I could duplicate it! So pretty.

October 31, 2008

bird silhouettes

Since my last post, I've completed the bird silhouettes on the kitchen cabinets. I suppose I'm happy with the results, though perhaps in the future some addition, subtraction, or repositioning may be in order.

Here's a closer up of the individual birds. Can anyone name them? I've no idea!

(Sorry about the grain, gosh I need a new camera...)

What do you think? Comments, suggestions?

October 28, 2008

decorating the kitchen

The one room in the apartment that I haven't given up on is the kitchen. Perhaps its the small (too small) size. Today I was feeling crafty, and originally I wanted to cover the fronts of the cabinets with a pretty paper, but I didn't have enough paper, and I was antsy. So I decided to make cutouts to apply instead. I wanted white contact paper, but like I said, I was antsy, so I settled for dark wood colored kind that I had, and I'm not at all unimpressed with the results.

What do you think? I'm thinking of adding several more birds in trees over the three cabinet fronts, but I don't want to overdo it. Also I'll have to find other kinds of birds! Luckily, it's just contact paper over highly glossed wood, so it peels right off like vinyl!

October 21, 2008

thank blog I'm back

I knew today would be the day. When I got out of class, I had a voicemail from a 212 number, and I heard that my laptop was ready! After only five days in the shop. I went right to the Apple store and got my baby back. They replaced the logicboard completely. With a happy sigh, I say, life can finally return back to normal (though I was getting used to replacing TV shows with the Internet!)

This past Friday was not a good day. At 8:45am, just before I was going to get up to go to class, the building's super knocks on my door to say that the plumbers working on the unit above me needed to get into my apartment. These are the same guys behind the lovely leak in my kitchen ceiling, and I had to go to class, so I said no, they'll have to come another time.

Then I received one of the worst phone calls of my life from the management company, threatening me that if I didn't let them in, I would be evicted. After that, she manages to tell me it's an emergency. Well, why didn't you say so! I had no choice but to let them in, and I wouldn't have thought twice in the first place had I known that from the start. Then they tore a gorgeous hole in the boy's closet.

hole in the wall

Luckily, they've since patched it up. It didn't have to sit for weeks like the state of my kitchen. They fixed that too, both the light fixture and patching up the ceiling (though they haven't painted over the plaster yet.) In my excitement to have overhead lighting again, I realized, I've never blogged about my kitchen before!

Kitchen Before

This is our kitchen before we ever moved in. Tiny, salmon, and without much storage.

Through the Doorway
More Kitchen

We painted it light blue and installed some white metal shelving above the stove, but that wasn't enough. So we installed a pegboard on the side wall, and a small ikea shelf and a rail above the butcher block, I guess we can call it. That was enough for about five minutes, when I quickly realized we could maximize this space completely and inexpensively.


Over the summer, we took a trip to the Home Depot in Jersey City, where we got custom cut shelves that I painted white, and we hung them with Ikea Valter brackets.


Much improved. Now there isn't any more space to add storage, and I cannot imagine how we could have functioned in that kitchen without all of this. Never mind the fact that I rarely cook anyway. So that's my kitchen, and I am so glad to have it back to normal, and to have everything back to normal today!

October 12, 2008

parasols part II

Last April, I wrote about my DIY adventure of hanging two parasols I bought at Pearl River Mart.

parasols on the wall

The other day an anonymous commenter (leave your name next time!) asked if I could better explain the system I used to hang the parasols with. On the other post, I had shown pictures of the simple wire hanger contraption the boy created, and the truth is that he bent the wire pretty arbitrarily until it balanced on the wall. But in all it came to a three-prong kind of a look.

Hanger DIY
the hanger configuration
Hanger Knot
I hope this helps. We happened to have hangers on hand, but you can really use any sort of contraption you can think of. Be creative!

luna bazaar parasols
The other day Holly at decor8 said that Luna Bazaar is offering 20% off to decor8 readers. Luna Bazaar has the most extensive collection of parasols, over 120 of them! They range in price from about $5-25.

For the square footage, parasols are an extremely affordable way to fill a wall. Think about it, we spend upwards of $30 for an 8x10 print, whereas these babies are anywhere from 20 to 32 inches across! I must say I am dying to fill a wall with them, and I think I will in our next place (whenever that is). They are too gorgeous not to.

September 19, 2008

a simple solution

I got a request for a blog entry last night, and it wasn't exactly from a reader. It was from the boy, who had helped me out with something great!

As you're all well aware, I got an iPhone on Monday. Though I had a nifty clear, hard case for it to protect it, I quickly found something I didn't have -- a way to carry it around with me when I'm on walks with Jolly, sans purse. We used to have this not so attractive leash bag from Outward Hound, but come on, we are sophisticated, stylish people here (plus it's old and tarnished and wouldn't fit.)
leashplus I tried making my own case, but that was doomed to fail from the start because I can't sew. I put a word out on Etsy that I was looking to buy, but I needed something fast! Yesterday when I woke up, I tossed my phone into the front chest pocket of my shirt (it's really the boy's, but I hijacked it.) We went outside, and Jolly pooed, so when I bent down to pick it up, out popped my phone onto the pavement, luckily not in the poo, but it was enough to fear for my pretty phone's life! That's when I decided something had to be done!

I went to Radio Shack, and I found a camera case that fit perfectly. Perfectly, as though it were made for it, except not. For only $6.99. Score.

I went home and I was like, gee, how am I going to attach this thing to the leash? I called the boy, who didn't pick up, to ask if we had any carabiners laying around, and I found several, but I attached it in this weird knotty position, not good at all. So when the boy came home, I asked him to reconfigure it, and of course he did it way more efficiently than I, in half the time, with half the supplies. He used the S-Biner I found burried in a junk bin (a purchase, he told me to tell you, that I had once scowled at because I didn't see its purpose for a boy who never went backpacking anymore.)

There you have it, my custom (sort of) iPhone leash bag. (And you can also see my DIY-ed poo bag holder, using simply a hair tie to keep it in place on the leash! [Edit: I was also instructed to add that the hair tie was also the boy's doing, not mine.])

April 15, 2007

Parasols on the Wall

We moved into our apartment at the beginning of the new year and we are just now decorating the walls. Last month I bought two parasols from Pearl River Mart, one made of fabric with an indigo print ($14.50) and one made of white paper ($10.50). At first we were going to hang them from the ceiling, but after we bought a headboard, I decided it would look even better above it. But to do this was more complicated than hanging a simple picture frame.

I bought a bottle of Duco Cement and a hobby saw at Rainbow/ACE Hardware (I don't remember the cost, but less than $10 total). First, we poured the Duco around the area that slides the parasol open and closed. After letting it set for 24 hours, it was easy to hack off the stick completely and have the umbrella part remain open.

Then came the tricky part. The parasols cannot simply be hung by a nail. They can't even be hung by a looped string attached to a nail, unless you want the top of the umbrella to lean against the wall and have the bottom sticking out. No, I wanted them to appear like they were floating, all edges equidistant from the wall. I proposed anchoring them to the wall using fishing line and two nails per parasol, but my boyfriend created a much better alternative after I mentioned using coat hangers. The hangers bent just so around the umbrella proped it away from the wall. Once this was configured (two other hangers were destroyed in the process), then they could be hung from one single nail each. Voila.

Some day I will post a better picture of the wall, (as well as of the entire apartment!) but unfortunately that's the best it is going to get for now. We need new bedding, first of all, but more importantly, I thought that the wall would be complete with just the parasols, but it needs more. At least this is a step towards a prettier bedroom!