July 04, 2006

decisions, decisions

Note: This entry was originally posted to an old blog of mine called Go Out and See the World. It can be seen in its original here, including all comments, which were not imported. The entries are separate from Sunny Day Happy Face, but were imported for posterity! Enjoy!

It will be official tomorrow that I am going to leave on July 15th. I feel so good about my decision as far as leaving goes. I feel that, though I won't get to see what I wanted to see - Cinque Terre, Rome, Pisa, Elba, Corsica - I will be able to make better use of my time here if I only have two weeks. On the other side, I am worried that when I get home, I will be bored quickly, so I want to set up some things to do, but that has nothing to do with my leaving Florence, because that is something I am certain that I want to do.

Anyway, we went to a great supermarket yesterday and bought tons of great food. Today I hope to start art class, where I've heard we paint/draw nudes, but I am not positive about that. If I wrote about it before, I decided not to take cooking, because I really like my time after class at 1 to go to the internet cafe and veg.

Later this week or the weekend I hope to venture into Florence, to San Lorenzo and such, and probably next week to San Spirito. But for right now, I'm getting used to the side streets and how to get around.

The apartment is lovely now that Natasha moved out. We are rid of her negitivity and the room that connects mine to the hallway is now empty. Today Alessia went to Paris to collect her mom, who is coming to visit for the remainder of the week - she'll be back tomorrow.

Today I tried to befriend some Americans, but they were sort of busy, I suppose, so they didn't really want to talk to me. Erg. Some Canadian girls are supposed to be moving into my flat this weekend. Now I speak with an English accent because of Rosie, and I love it.

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