April 17, 2009

sushi love


I don't write enough about how much I love sushi. Well, I guess there really isn't too much to say besides I love sushi, and that I could eat sushi every day. My favorite kind of fish is salmon. I'll eat salmon nigiri, salmon sashimi, salmon roll, you name it. What's your favorite?


Lately, for lunch, I've been going to a sushi takeout place right across the street from me. Yesterday I got a salmon roll with cucumber instead of avocado because I thought I'd save on the fat calories. But alas, faithful reader, whenever you are faced with the choice between avocado and cucumber, make the right choice, and choose avocado, because it truly is meant to be with salmon.

Excuse the poor quality of the photos because as always, I take these with my iPhone. That's one of the downsides of owning a dSLR. I don't bring it with me unless I know I'm taking a lot of pictures, as it doesn't fit so nicely in my bag.

I've got a lot of things cooking (or baking?) for my shop, which may be released this weekend or early next week. New everything! More to choose from!

Oh, yeah, and here are some bananas:


April 16, 2009

gawker artists & trunkt

gawker artists

Yesterday was one of the best and most important days so far for my business. First, I was accepted to Gawker Artists. You can see my page here. Gawker Artists is an online exhibition for emerging artists run by the gossip website Gawker. I'm so thankful to the curator, Liz Dimmitt, who runs Gumshoe Culture.


The other equally as exciting thing is that I was accepted to Trunkt. See my portfolio here. Trunkt is a website that helps bring wholesalers and artists together, and the company I am in over there is fabulous. I hope there is never a day when things like this don't mean something to me.

I have so many things storming around in my brain that I need to do! I get so quickly bored with my blog, I think it may even be time for a new design, and perhaps for my domain as well. What do you think? I'm very critical of my own work, never happy with it, even though to others its fine.

One thing I'm working on right now is adding notecards to my shop. I have them, as you saw here, but I keep debating with myself over whether I want a .10" or .25" white border around the photo. I know, I know, stop thinking about it and put 'em in your shop before Mother's Day! Well, I'm working on it!

April 15, 2009

inspiration daily

creature comforts
I am so excited! Ez of Creature Comforts featured me as her Inspiration Daily yesterday, April 14th. Check it out here. Thank you so much, Ez!

The photograph featured, Like a Painting, is available in my shop, right here!

April 14, 2009


I spent a long time last year hoping to move out of New York City. To Maine, New Hampshire, Connecticut, or even Westchester County, I just didn't want to be here anymore. Then in January, I conceeded, and we decided to move to Brooklyn instead. Honestly, it was a great decision to make. When I got my heart set on leaving, I beaome quite negative about New York City. But when I realized I'd be here for a lot longer than planned, I held my chin up, and decided to look for the good in this city, and there is surely a lot of it.

Yesterday I had one of those "I love it here" moments when I was at Eli's, the East side version of Zabar's (though I'm not sure in what capacity they are related because Zabar's website doesn't allude to it.) Eli's is the king of prepared foods (for a hefty price of course, but I don't cook hardly) and every time I go in there I think, "I should come here more!" I appreciate living so close by. I always forget to snap photos of the amazing food when I'm there, next time I will, I promise, but when I saw this postcard that read, "One of the greatest pleasures of life in New York is shopping at Eli's," I smiled to myself, and thought, "Yeah."

April 13, 2009

new prints in the shop

The Lonely Tree
I'm sorry for my absense over the past week and a half! The first part of last week I was at my mom's house in New Jersey taking pictures. This is one of them, and I've listed five more in my shop. Coming soon: Notecards! Perfect for Mother's Day.

Another new thing is that I am now offering a free sheet of mini Through the Viewfinder series stickers with your order when you sign up for my mailing list! Sign up on the sidebar on the right or visit aliciahurst.com.

April 03, 2009

in bloom

I was not expecting this at the park yesterday, or else I would have brought my real camera. These were all excitedly taken with my iPhone as Jolly and I rushed around the park looking for all the blooming flowers and plants. I've never been so excited for spring before! Perhaps it's because now I have a shop and a reason to take more photography outside.

There were even some cherry blossoms in the park. I can't wait to head to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden in a few weeks to see the cherry blossoms there. I missed them last year.

If you're hankering for spring like I am, check out my shop, where I have loads of flower photos sure to get you feeling the warmth.

April 01, 2009

shop opens today

Like a Painting
My shop is officially open today!

This has got to be the most nerve-wracking thing I've ever done! The past month leading up to today, trying to finish getting everything ready late last night, waking up hours earlier than usual to begin listing. Listing itself! Crazy.

Make sure you head over to my shop! It's going to be a crazy day. I don't think I will list everything today, so if you don't see something you like right away, stay tuned because there is more to come.