March 31, 2009

my notecards came!

When my Crane museo cards arrived late last week, I felt like I had just received a package from Tiffany. Look at those boxes! I'm just trying to think of what I'll store in them after I run out of cards. And of course the boxes are sitting on top of my gorgeous Rotatrim monorail, which cuts like a dream. While I was doing test prints a few weeks ago I was using my old scrapbook cutter that has a blade you need to replace often, and the edges were so uneven. But the Rotatrim makes perfect, clean cuts that make the paper look like it just came out of the package. I love supplies!


  1. Fun! Where on the website did you find to purchase the paper?

  2. Actually, I don't even think Crane sells the paper directly. They have a link at the top of the page 'Find a Retailer,' and you can find them there. I use, my first time ever using them.