April 14, 2009


I spent a long time last year hoping to move out of New York City. To Maine, New Hampshire, Connecticut, or even Westchester County, I just didn't want to be here anymore. Then in January, I conceeded, and we decided to move to Brooklyn instead. Honestly, it was a great decision to make. When I got my heart set on leaving, I beaome quite negative about New York City. But when I realized I'd be here for a lot longer than planned, I held my chin up, and decided to look for the good in this city, and there is surely a lot of it.

Yesterday I had one of those "I love it here" moments when I was at Eli's, the East side version of Zabar's (though I'm not sure in what capacity they are related because Zabar's website doesn't allude to it.) Eli's is the king of prepared foods (for a hefty price of course, but I don't cook hardly) and every time I go in there I think, "I should come here more!" I appreciate living so close by. I always forget to snap photos of the amazing food when I'm there, next time I will, I promise, but when I saw this postcard that read, "One of the greatest pleasures of life in New York is shopping at Eli's," I smiled to myself, and thought, "Yeah."

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