April 16, 2009

gawker artists & trunkt

gawker artists

Yesterday was one of the best and most important days so far for my business. First, I was accepted to Gawker Artists. You can see my page here. Gawker Artists is an online exhibition for emerging artists run by the gossip website Gawker. I'm so thankful to the curator, Liz Dimmitt, who runs Gumshoe Culture.


The other equally as exciting thing is that I was accepted to Trunkt. See my portfolio here. Trunkt is a website that helps bring wholesalers and artists together, and the company I am in over there is fabulous. I hope there is never a day when things like this don't mean something to me.

I have so many things storming around in my brain that I need to do! I get so quickly bored with my blog, I think it may even be time for a new design, and perhaps for my domain as well. What do you think? I'm very critical of my own work, never happy with it, even though to others its fine.

One thing I'm working on right now is adding notecards to my shop. I have them, as you saw here, but I keep debating with myself over whether I want a .10" or .25" white border around the photo. I know, I know, stop thinking about it and put 'em in your shop before Mother's Day! Well, I'm working on it!

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