April 03, 2007

Neat Finds at Rainbow YCS (ACE Hardware)

My original goal was to get Mod Podge, the Plaid website said that Rainbow YCS carried it and I'd been meaning to go there for a while. In the window display is everything from dressers to paint cans. Rainbow is a department store, but what does the YCS stand for, I wonder? It reminds me of Bazaar, Bed Bath & Beyond, a hardware store (Rainbow is part of ACE Hardware) and Pearl River Mart in one.

Well, they didn't have any Mod Podge, but I did find an appealing selection of wall hooks. Besides the candy shop hook from Anthropologie I was thinking about, I haven't seen anything that is worthy of holding my jackets up off the floor! This one’s three times cheaper and I might just decoupage it later, but I digress.

In addition to what is pictured above, I also snagged some grout in a tube for the shower, a muffin pan, a belated birthday card for my stepmother, a new shower curtain liner (I might have to blog later about how quickly they gather mold) and cup hooks for lights on a string I bought a while back. Total cost $75.

I didn’t buy it (yet!), but I spotted a solid, glossy tray for $16 that would be ideal for decorating. Rainbow is perfect for people who like to spice up ordinary items, though they don’t sell the supplies, like textured paper, embellishments or glue, to do so.

A list of some of the products available at Rainbow: Paint supplies, hardware, tableware (Pearl River’s selection is ten times larger and cents cheaper), glassware, kitchenware, small appliances, almost anything you can also get at Duane Reade, furniture, lighting, storage, bed and bath, frames, mirrors, cleaning supplies, towels, electronic accessories, and much, much more!

Rainbow YCS
1449 1st Ave (at 76th St)

1815 2nd Ave (at 94th St)

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