April 08, 2007

The Spiffy 6: Table Lamps from Target

image source: Target.com

With a little time and my puppy dutifully chomping on her bone beside me, I browsed Target's entire selection of 700+ table lamps. Surprisingly, over half the selection is priced above $100. See, Target shouldn't always be viewed as selling cheaply made and priced items. I picked out my 6 (for "On the 6th") favorites.

From left to right, top to bottom: I loved the colors on the Tiffany-style lamp ($119.99). It would go perfectly on a simple pedestal table like I had in my bedroom when I was a child. The Chantilly mirror lamp ($139.99) was charming because it looked like something you'd find randomly in your basement and then it would make a room by putting it on a table for an eclectic look.

I'm considering buying two faux-leather lamps ($49.99) for myself! I love the soft, completed look. You'll find the vintage look in the genie vase lamp ($169.99), made of porcelain and metal, though I could see this lamp with a black or brown, even pattern, shade, instead.

The 3-light chrome lamp ($169.99) has a different look than the other five. It would look great as a color accessory in a naked, white or chrome room. Last, the blue festival champagne lamp ($139.99) would add spring to a room, like in a nursery, and I'm really in the spring mood right now (please can it stop flurrying today?)

image source: Barnesandwagner.com

Also, I found this Davenport Tiffany lamp ($300) at Barnes & Wagner. I'm suprised that I like the Tiffany style at all, but I can never resist the use of the rainbow in design.


  1. The Chantilly mirror lamp is my favourite. It looks a little oriental and art deco-ish at the same time.

    I've linked you on my blog, sorry it took a while as I've just got home. :)

  2. Hey there Alicia, you've been tagged!

  3. Those are some great lamps from target. To be honest.....that is where I get all of my lamps. There or Bed Bath & Beyond! Thanks for posting a comment on or site and adding us to your page. I will do the same!