June 04, 2007

Ikea Hacks

Took a trip back to Ikea on Saturday and loaded up on goodies. Many of them were to "hack" (well, really, just paint!)

This was the first draft of my Chris noticeboard. I used three colors of paint samples from the hardware store. But after I painted it, I realized it really didn't go with my new drawers (see below) and my magnet board. So I changed a little bit and wound up with something much prettier and matching with my new color scheme.

I also got the Helmer drawers that I've been wanting for a while. I took off the casters and it fits perfectly under my desk. All it took was some paper cut to size and spray glue and voila. Though it did take a lot of trial and error to get the paper to stick the right way.

Other things to be painted are the Vika Furusund, which is now a leg of the kitchen table, 6 Knuff magazine files and a Fira chest, which is already in progress.

Other things purchased during the trip were a Rian side table for my sewing machine, 6 Branas baskets, a Global lamp and a Lisbet runner, but we haven't laid it down permanently yet and when we did as a test, wow it made me so dizzy, so we'll have to see if that's going to stay, and several other little things like picture frames and bowls.

I'm looking forward to a happier, brighter apartment soon!


  1. Whoa, yeah, the runner is a wee bit dizzying! I loooove the paper on the drawers, I'm totally wanting to do that now. Overall apartment pictures soon please!!

    <3 BJ

  2. Hi there, I just happen to chance upon your blog. I am interested to do something similar to my drawer. Can you share how is it done especially the handle area?


  3. Hi, LubTub,
    I answered this in the entry above this one:
    First I unscrewed the handles. I cut the paper to the size of the drawers, which I measured before. Then I sprayed the backs of the paper (don't spray the drawers, it gets really messy!) with Elmer's spray glue and layed it down, smoothing it out with a wallpaper smoother thing I have. Then you screw the handles back in. It takes very little time.
    Hope that helped.

  4. It sure did! Thanks