May 30, 2008

one fell down


Today at about 8 a.m., a crane collapsed into the penthouse of a high rise on 91st St & 1st Ave before cascading to the ground, taking balconies off the building and the life of the crane operator. I won't say exactly where I live, but I am very close by in the Upper East Side. I don't remember hearing anything at 8 because I was sound asleep, but for the rest of the morning, I heard helicopters as though they were right over my building (and they probably were). Traffic is blocked on 1st Ave for quite a ways. Another crane collapsed on 51st St & 1st in March that killed 7, and before that, a crane working on the top of a new Trump Tower in SoHo fell, too.

Image copyright The New York Times. Original article and image here.

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