September 14, 2008

collection: iPhone cases

I got an iPhone yesterday! Over the weekend I was looking at different cases online, so I gathered up a collection of some of the best cases and wallets out there.

iPhone cases
Clockwise from left: 1. Crystal 2 by Vaja, starts at $220. 2. ivolution Top SP by Vaja, starts at $85. 3. Applebaum iSockit by Bly the King, $10. 4. iWood padouk by Miniot, EUR 80.

Top row: 5. Elan Form pink by Griffin, $29.99. 6. Crystal hard shell case, $9.95. 7. Zebra Padded Gadget Keeper Case by Janine King Designs, $19. 8. Black/orange leather case by Covertec, $39. Middle row: 9. Itsy Bitsy Polka Dot Quilted Universal Pouch by Stitch*n*Tyme, $18. 10. Croc embossed pink patent leather case, $15.95. 11. Green Ultra Slim Pouch by Sena, $29.99 12. White/brown leather case, $11.98. Bottom row: 13. Red snap case by Piel Frama, EUR 70. 14. Orange protective case by Incase, $29.95. 15. Chocolate Pox Custom Case by Gurley's Goods, $18.99


Of course, I was too impatient (and I needed to protect the phone from my purse) to buy a case online, so I bought the Contour iSee, $29.95. I love the translucent style and how you can see the black underneath. I also love that there is a piece of plastic over the earpiece, so my ear doesn't come in direct contact with the screen. But no matter which case you get, I highly recommend the Power Support anti-glare film set, $14.95, which is applied to the screen for protection. It gives better traction and no glare, but best of all if you keep that clean and one day remove the film, voila, flawless screen underneath. Enjoy!


  1. Nice collection - some very slick cases!

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