September 23, 2008

a fresh start

Jolly is finally back at the dog run! I haven't covered her ordeal too much here on my blog, but the short story is that exactly a year ago, Jolly and I were walking home from the dog run when suddenly she yelped and began to limp. Our vet discovered that Jolly had a genetic deformity in both of her front legs that caused one bone to grow longer than the other. It made her look like she was always standing in a ballerina's first position. Since then, she hasn't been allowed to run.

In January, she underwent her first surgery to correct the right leg. For eight weeks, she had titanium external fixators and pins in her leg. It's hard to imagine if you didn't see it, but you can channel the braces Forrest Gump wore on his legs as a child. Jolly's were much thinner, and there was a flat metal ring around her leg anchoring it all. It was not a pretty sight underneath the bandages, and she had to wear an Elizabethan collar. A few months later, she had the same surgery on her left leg. Everything was removed at the beginning of August, and it's now been nearly two months. So on Saturday, we brought Jolly back to the dog run, and she's been doing really well!

I'll post more pictures of the dog run later in the week. It's super fun for her. On another note, a few days ago I was eating soup after class, staring out the window when I saw a... blimp? A Zeppelin of some sort? I snapped a picture, but it was flying past the small window space so fast I hardly caught it! Weird!


  1. I'm so glad that Jolly is doing better and able to run! I bet he is so happy there.

  2. Oh, it's always so sad when you have to prevent your dog from what he loves most!!!!! Jolly is a real cutie, I'm glad he's back at it!

  3. It is great to see Jolly looking so well.I think my Lila may be one of his relatives! You can see her on my blog.

  4. Wonderful ! So happy she is doing so well, and bless you for not giving up on her !!!