May 18, 2006


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Sitting at my computer over a month before I leave, I feel completely overwhelmed by the number of sights to see and things to do in each place I am going to be visiting. With 3 days (plus two travel days) in Prague, how do I know what's worth it to see and how to I spread this out over three whole days, so that visiting is convenient and efficient? With just 1 day in Milan, what is not important to see? After my Europe trip last year, I'm an expert at squishing everything into one day, but then I could consider the possibility of coming back to Milan during July.

The hardest of all is Florence. It's easy to decide what to see when you have a limited amount of time, but with one whole month, it's easier to decide what not to see! I also have to plan around tourism because waiting in line for certain museums (there are a few I'm willing to go to!) can take hours and there are always huge crowds. Worse off, I need to factor in day trips. How many places do I want to go to? How far away are they? Do I get there by train or by bus? On which days do I go on an excursion, and which days do I stay in Florence?

Research, to me, is the most important part of going on a trip. While some people like to wing it, I would hate to think that I could leave a city without seeing something that I would have really wanted to. Last summer, I did some basic research and came up with a list of landmarks I wanted to see. Since no one else in the group did this, and our tour guides hadn't always been to the cities we visited, I often was able to visit many of the places on my list!

But now I'm going at it alone for the most part, so I get to decide what to see all the time. No tour guides to drag us there based on a map, I've got to do it all myself.

One of the hardest and most time consuming things so far was choosing my hostels. There were so many in Prague, but I wanted to have my own room (not stay in a dorm with other backpackers) and I didn't want to pay for multiple beds (in Europe at a hostel, sometimes rooms have 2+ beds, but because the rooms are private, one person must pay for all of the beds, so it is impractical and extremely expensive to book a 4-bed room for one person!) -- the hard part was that most hostels were already booked. The shitty ones had vacancies, but I don't want to stay in the outskirts or in a hostel with doors that do not lock! It took hours to find a hostel with the proper room and then to find good reviews on it!

Milan was worse, because it's not a backpacker city. It's an expensive, executive city, where even the hostels are geared towards high-powered cliental, not young, energetic backpackers! I gave up on finding a hostel, so I found a low-budget hotel for about the same price as one night in Prague, in a great location.

It's nerve wracking not only to book a foreign hostel or hotel online, but because I am basing my decision on other reviewers and a few small pictures. I don't really know if these places are on small sides streets or if the guests are noisy all the time. It's a crap shoot.

So, all I've got to say is... time to research!

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