September 27, 2008


Lately my frustrations with not having an Etsy shop are really mounting. Soon I'll done with school, and then I can become a working girl! Recently I decided that in addition to opening a shop for my photography, I want to sell vintage, too. Though who knows at this point if I will sell on Etsy versus my own e-commerce site.

It's still too early for me to begin to think about that process, but whenever I start a project, it has to have a name. My photography is easy enough, I just use my full name. But the vintage shop has to sound great. And like when I'm writing a fictional story, and I cannot begin writing until I think of the names of the characters, I can't even start fantasizing about my shop until I have at least a working name. Does anyone else have this sort of problem?

So now I bring to you my three favorite vintage shops on Etsy. What I recognize as great about them really comes down to presentation. Great photography all around and very professionally run shops. It's so hard to look through pages and pages of ill-lit goods to find something you like. But if it looks good, I'll buy (or at least drool!)

White Elephant Vintage
Vintage electric sign, $40; 1960's letter G flash card, $15; glass flour and sugar jars, $30; and art deco globe, $65, from White Elephant Vintage.

Bouquet Vintage
Porcelain lotus bowls, $18; framed owl print, $19; set of 20 postcards, $9; and frosted glass owl paperweight, $9, from Bouquet Thrift.

A Touch of Vintage
Three piece red Birkdale suitcase set, $120; classic rotary phone, $30; pyrex mixing bowls trio, $36; and classic onestep land camera, $18, from A Touch of Vintage.


  1. i'm absolutely flattered! thank you so much for featuring my shop. it's a real pleasure to find these fun vintage items.


  2. Love those bowls in ATouchofVintage's shop!

  3. good salection...
    I'm thinking I might want a polaroid, actually...
    thanks for passing by!

  4. Great taste! I love those pyrex bowls with the birds, I have a few of them myself :-)

  5. LOL pretty sure my mom has those flour and sugar jars in our kitchen. buried, naturally, beneath... everything else under the sun, but still.

  6. Awesome picks! I bought the same orange bowls here in AZ for my 9 year old's birthday party. They put sundaes in them and had a blast. Thanks for sharing and I hope you're up and running a vintage shop soon.

  7. Finding quality vintage shops is hard sometimes. I found a list with a few other good one's here

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