November 12, 2008

design at school

My favorite professor in the entire college is the head of the film department. Unlike his colleagues, his office isn't stark white and blank, there are several framed movie posters, and each time I go in there, I find myself admiring the decor, for an office!

I love the clocks in a row, though I don't think they are accurate! I'd love to do this in a home, as a horizontal line with 3-5 clocks that are a bit more modern.

I don't remember seeing this poster before, and I love it. It's the Italian poster for "The Postman Always Rings Twice," (1981) starring Jack Nicholson.

The poster for my favorite movie, "Chungking Express," by my favorite director, Wong Kar-Wai. I love the look of matted posters, but this one really works unmatted.

I've got to get me this poster for A Bout de Souffle (Breathless), another favorite film of mine. It's $49.99 on

This corner needs work, but I love the wooded frame on the left. I know it is of some page from a newspaper, but I don't know exactly what it is or which publication. Anyway, I love to frame historical pieces like that.

And to conclude, this is one of the rooms I have class in. It's what I stare at for 75 minutes, twice a week, and I've always pondered this side of the room. Though not tactfully hung, I love the two frames to the left. And the mix-matched bookshelves. I'm usually one to try to have the same of one kind of item, like chairs or, shelves. But I kind of like this. It works with the shelves so full as they are. I could see a whole wall of different colors and sizes of shelves!


  1. ooo, i like this idea for an entry :)

    and i love the fact that your teacher has a french poster for The Big Lebowski instead of the regular english one, lol

  2. The room has such a personal feel to it, almost like a home!
    Thanks for sharing! :)