December 05, 2008

I want this room

Another brilliant 'hack' coming from Ikea Hacker this week, Jules is on a roll. This is way more than just a simple hack, though, it's an entire room redo by Jennifer and Sean.

What a gorgeous room, and with what seems to be nearly 100% Ikea. I truly love it.

Here are some details. I am in awe of how they hung the Expedit shelf horizontally, on the wall. Gutsy! I love the two file cabinets next to each other as a leg, and the CD shelf as another leg. Last, the curtains. Next year, I need to learn to sew!


  1. I want this room for my office. AH! I WANT IT! ;)

  2. Thanks for featuring our hack on your blog! I need to learn how to sew too...we got the local tailor to sew the curtains ;)