December 22, 2008

quick hellos

I know, I know, I haven't blogged in nearly two weeks! The truth is, I've been so stressed out with the last few weeks of school and finals. I have my last final tomorrow morning, luckily, and then it's nothing but freedom until winter session starts on January 5th. On Wednesday, the boy, Jolly and I are going to my family's house in Massachusetts. More on that next week!

In the mean time, here is a photo snapped in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, yesterday, on the way home from the Brooklyn Flea's Gifted holiday market. I am kicking myself for never remembering to take photos, but we dropped a pretty penny at my favorite, Whimsy & Spice! I hope my family likes their yummy spiced goodies. I also picked up a jar of homemade mustard from McClure's Pickles for my grandmother. Very delicious, as are their pickles, but I didn't want to shlep a glass jar of them home, so another time.

I'm signing off with a photo of Jolly (right) and another dog being cute at the dog run today. The surface was completely iced over and slippery, but that did not stop them from running around!

If I don't talk to you until then, merry Christmas, Kwanza, and Hanukkah!

1 comment:

  1. jolly should get a bandana! :)

    i hope you're enjoying the holidays too!