December 04, 2008

the sweetest ikea hack yet

Over at Ikea Hacker, Jules posted one of the sweetest, most creative hacks I've ever seen! Pinot and Dita at Our Artful Life decorated their wall with paint and Ikea fabrics.


So adorable. I am no painter, but I could really see this done on a wall with any kind of fabric to match your decor, and it wouldn't be at all child-like. Especially that tree! I wish I could duplicate it! So pretty.


  1. How sweet of you, Alicia. Thanks for blogged about Our Artful Life.
    Dare to try on your wall? ;)

  2. That's almost too good to be called a hack, I would call it art! Anyway it's the sweetest use of ikea products ever! ;)

  3. aww, i want my walls to be equally pretty! thanks for sharing :)