March 19, 2009

photo of a photo

In each of my Etsy listings, I plan to have one digital image of the photograph and one photo of the actual print (as seen below), and perhaps also a framed version, too. So far there are two possible locations for taking photos of my prints. I'm also considering bringing them to the park and taking them in or around trees, and another option is to set up a clothes hanger on the wall and clip each photo to a clotheshanger. I love that idea, but the lighting in my apartment is so poor, I've been considering these other options.

Do you prefer either of these? These are just test shots, so quality will likely improve for the final version.


  1. I like the first one. If you frame can you put it on a blank wall? I do that for my prints and love how simple it looks.

  2. Bridgett, I just checked out your prints section to see how yours looked, which I really like. Methinks I need to make a trip to Ikea to get some more of their frames, hehe.