July 23, 2009

runner for the hallway

Our hallway needs a new runner. Currently, we're using two overlapping Ikea Alvine runners, which I love, but they are not durable at all in this location. The one closest to the door is now gray, and it has barely survived a month. What we need is an easy to clean, synthetic material instead of indoor-only cotton like we have now. The hallway is 2'6" x 12', so the runner needs to be 11 feet long. I don't have a lot of choices because most runners are 8-10 feet, maximum. I found a website, HomeDecorators.com, that has a good selection of rugs, though most are much to contemporary for my taste, so I've had to spend a long time weeding through all of the rejects. Luckily, we've narrowed it down to two different rugs, both have the same dimensions of 2'3" x 11'9", and they are the same price of $79.99.

For some reason I've been smitten with southwestern decor lately, so I really like the Pueblo outdoor rug.

And then there's the Persimmon rug, which also has a great feel to it!

I think both will hide dirt relatively well, and they're both made of the same synthetic dercion, which I've never heard of before. The boy prefers the persimmon rug, while I am leaning more towards the pueblo. I'm going to have to sleep on it.

Any thoughts?


  1. i vote the leafy one... the persimmon one. it's prettier.:-)

  2. Thanks for linking.!! I too found a nice selection of beautiful rugs at Home Decorators. Just got a outdoor rug from there.

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