June 15, 2008


I'm slowly winning the boy over in my quest to get him to agree as early on as possible to move to Maine. Yes, I want to move there, but he isn't so sure. He doesn't know where he will be in his job a year from now and he wants to go back to school, which he'd have to wait a year to do after moving to Maine.

But I've figured out the way to win. He has two Border Collies that live with his parents that he really misses. He was thinking of bringing one of them up here in a few months, but we already have one dog and I'm worried about how she'll react to living in noisy, grass-less Manhattan and away from her sister. Well, genius! Why doesn't he wait until we move to Maine, we'll rent a house with a big back yard, and he can bring both of them up. We hadn't thought of that before and it's a really good idea. Then I did something else! I told him if he moved with me to Maine, I would buy him a Belgian Malinois, which he's been talking about getting forever. But he has to wait until then because I don't want to raise another puppy who can only pee on asphalt. So then we'd have four dogs. He's thinking of becoming a breeder, now. Not of our own dogs, but you know.

Dogs are the way to the boy's heart. I think Maine isn't so far away now. Well, it really is. 15+ months is a long time. Sigh.