June 15, 2008

oh nos

Though I get very good grades, I'm really sucky at school. I always fall behind quickly because I start skipping doing assignments that aren't immediately due.

On Thursday I was supposed to start a series of six collages during class, but I misread the directions entirely and I wasn't prepared at all. Now it's early Sunday, and I tried to begin them an hour or so ago. But sometimes frustration powers work getting done, and I have just began some of the worst work I've ever seen myself produce! They're hideous! I haven't finished a single one, but I know I am going to be ashamed to display this work to my class on Tuesday. It's especially difficult because this is one of those assignments you can't start over. I have six specific sheets of paper that I have to use, so I really have to "make it work."

I'm also behind on another project due Thursday, and I mean really behind. I am supposed to paint a box (approximately 12x12x12 in size) twelve times using twelve different forms of "paint." We were told to start this two weeks ago. I have not yet begun. I am screwed, oh yes indeed. So far the only types of paint I've come up with are tea, water, house paint, ummm... well, that's really it.

I feel my creativity slipping away.

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