June 30, 2008

more collage

I haven't religiously been taking photos or scans along the way, but next week I'll have photos of my assemblages, which are craptastic. Here's two collages I made tonight, due tomorrow. Obviously they look much better in person. Scanning them at high resolution, reducing their size, plus uploading to Flickr degrades it a lot.

Second one is my favorite, and I think I will frame it when it's not required to be in class anymore.

In other news, my computer and/or Internet is being extremely slow.

More importantly, I have an addiction to Pinkberry, which is frozen yogurt (like the plain kind you get at the grocery store, not soft-serve ice cream like). I have had it every day since Friday, with no plans to stop. It's very low calorie and good for you, though the toppings tend not to be.


  1. Your collages look great and the second one is my favorite too! I would beg my mom for a pinwheel when we went to the grocery store...