July 12, 2008


I'm trying to get myself addicted to the gym. I go through cycles where I go many times a week and then times when I don't go for nearly a month. I always do the elliptical for cardio. Usually I just set my own pace, but the other day I did this preset workout designed for weight loss. It takes about 33 minutes to complete, burns about 246 calories, and travels about 2.78 miles. Yesterday I nearly did it twice (I didn't do the cool-down part the first go round, so I think it ended up being about 55 minutes total), but today I did it fully twice. I nearly didn't make it home because my body was so tired and I was so hungry (thought I'd eaten breakfast an hour or two before). I downed some cottage cheese with saltines and some orange juice. When that wasn't enough, I had a few fingers full of peanut better and two cookies. I ate so fast my stomach is hurting digesting it. Now I'm waiting for the boy to bring me home some Pinkberry, yet I already know I'm full from what I just ate. I'm going to have the Pinkberry anyway though because I love it so much.

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  1. everyone always raves (or hates on) pinkberry.. ive never had it!