July 11, 2008

just a post

Some things.

I always love how inexpensive H&M is, and also Urban Outfitters' sale items. Last time I was at UO, I tried on this awesome shirt, but for $42, I passed. I sort of have this rule that I won't spend more than $30 usually for a shirt of any kind. I just feel that it isn't right to charge more than that for some cloth sewn together when I can find other clothes for cheaper that still look good. Anyway today I saw the same shirt (some may call it a blouse) for $19.99, so I got it and one in another color. Good deal, yo, glad I didn't waste the extra $22.

Still very in love with Pinkberry. Have I mentioned that before? Also I really like Sedutto's Frogurt. It doesn't taste quite as good as Pinkberry, but it is very good nonetheless and cheaper.

Last thing. Growing up, I always hated cottage cheese. Now I love the stuff. I usually eat one meal a day of just cottage cheese. The nonfat kind. Can you comprehend these amazing nutrition facts? Serving size 1/2 cup. Calories 80. Fat 0g. Carbohydrates 4g. Protein 15g. 15!!! In just a half cup. Cottage cheese is amazing.

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