July 08, 2008

shoot me

A bunch of us are going to see The Dark Night when it opens at midnight on July 18th. I bought tickets on Fandango a few days ago. Soon after, I realized that I was planning to visit my aunt, uncle and cousins at their vacation home on Fire Island on Thursday and Friday. I was, that is, so long as Jolly got the external fixators off her leg today. It's been over 8 weeks since her surgery and we went in for x-rays and to see if she can get them off. I was really looking forward to going to Fire Island. Figures that I can still go to The Dark Knight now, since Jolly now has to have the fixators on for another 4 whole weeks. I should have known I wouldn't get to Fire Island when I had more than one thing to do that day.
I am absolutely devastated. I am so tired of this ordeal with my dog, I want it to be over with. She hasn't been allowed to run around since last September. She's only a year and a half old, we're talking half her life. It will have been nearly a year before she can really run again.
The good news, strange news, is that the doctor said she can have short runs now. That's never been allowed before. He doesn't mean full-speed run, but a canter, and only briefly. So I'm thinking if she's allowed to do that at 8 weeks, maybe in 4 more weeks, she really will be able to run around again like normal.
The worse news is this puts my vacation to Maine on very rocky ground. We're going to have to talk about this a lot.
So sad. I need a big piece of chocolate cake.

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