August 29, 2008


Hey, ya'll (I don't know who ya'll really are/is). I think maybe my blog is very boring. It's not at all as interesting as my new favorite blog, Sweet Fine Day. Jenna and Mark have very fun and interesting lives, and guess what, they have lots of pictures, too! I know readers love pictures, and they don't like complaining. So, what I would like to do is find a small digital camera that perhaps can remotely upload pictures to Flickr, or at least to somewhere online. Is that even possible? I need to find out.

Also I want to start working on my other blog,, for Alicia Hurst Photography, which starting in mid-2009 will sell photography prints and perhaps other DIY things on Etsy. So on that blog, I plan to write only about photography-related things. Perhaps I haven't gotten started on that yet because I've had no time to take pictures!

On another note, the fall semester started on Wednesday and already I have attended each new class. I have three lecture-based classes, linguistics, accounting, and microeconomics. Then I have a production class, sound for film and video. And last, I have a writing class, essay writing. I am satisfied with that combination. I think I will like linguistics and sound the most. A lot of class preferences have to do with professors, don't you think?

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