August 31, 2008

apple lust

My Verizon Wireless plan expires on September 15th and I decided a while ago that I would switch to AT&T. Primarily it was to get an iPhone, but after all of the dropped calls problems I was hearing about, I started exploring other options, like the Blackberry. My major needs are an Internet browser and a better cameraphone. Well, after hearing that the dropped calls issue will be resolved in September with a software update, and after playing with it at an AT&T store today, I'm re-hooked and am officially getting one in a few weeks. The Internet browser for the iPhone just cannot compare to any other out there. The Blackberry's is pathetic and only loads text. Plus, I am 100% Apple and I can't imagine using another operating system like Windows Mobile. Anyway, I hope now my blog will become a bit more interesting since I will try to take pictures and blog more about my daily life instead of whining to you all about the parts of it that I dislike.

Also Apple-related: Since I got my laptop in 2006, I really haven't been web designing like I used to because the accuracy of the screen is so variable, and I never did get an external mouse. I think that when I move, I might invest in a new or refurbished iMac so I can start that up again. The one problem with that is that I really love having a laptop. And I'm soon due for a new laptop anyway, my iBook G4 has its own host of problems and I am also lusting after the lighter, prettier MacBook. I love using my laptop on the couch. But maybe it would be a good lifestyle change to go back to a desktop. I wouldn't be able to sit in front of the computer all day procrastinating and watching TV, and it would probably force me to be away from it more often, which would be much appreciated. Also when I move, I will be starting my Etsy shop and I think it would be more efficient to sit at a desk while handling business. Perhaps I can buy a new battery for my iBook (it can only live without its charger for less than an hour) and upgrade the memory, and I guess I can extend it's life for several more years, no? Well, thanks for that, I think I just worked it all out!

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