August 31, 2008

buy the buy

We finally made it to the Brooklyn Flea today! It was hot and not as many vendors were there because of the Labor Day weekend. Also, in our lack of familiarity with Brooklyn, I made us get off at the Clinton-Washington stop on the C train, and we had to walk far, when we should have gotten off a stop earlier at Lafayette, just a few blocks from the flea. D'oh!

The main attraction for me was the food. We ate a Latin lunch from the Red Hook Vendors, and it was delicious. Then we looked around at the mostly overpriced booths. Finally I found the Whimsy & Spice booth. I talked to Mark and sampled their cookies, but I walked away with a package of marshmallows (so airy and delicious!) and two dulce de leche brownies (one is already gone!)

Near the end I made my one great purchase. A small piece of framed art for $5!

At the same stall, I had to pull the boyfriend away from the night vision binocular for $150 (how can you even tell if it works!), but I did buy him a vintage Zippo lighter for $10.

When we got home, I was still in the mood to be thifty. So I went over to Good Will and actually scored! I got another framed piece, an empty picture frame and a tray for $15.15.

Good Will, I will be back!

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