September 20, 2008

the final season

Today I went to my first ever baseball game and my first Yankees game! One of the boy's clients works at a radio station, and he gave him loge box seats (495) for free! The best part is, today was the second to last game ever to be played at this Yankee Stadium. Next season they will open a new stadium across the street. I felt lucky to be a part of history. Here's the view from our seats.

One great thing about the Yankees is that the stadium is a convenient 20 minute subway ride from our apartment. We got there late, so we avoided all of the crowds. Even the food lines weren't that long.

The game was tied 0-0 for the entire game, until the Yankees batted in a run with 2 outs at the bottom of the 9th inning! How suspenseful. I'm also lucky to have attended a game when that Yankees won! Everyone was excited and in good spirits afterwards.

After the game, we were in no rush to get home, so we walked down to the main level and took some more pictures. It definitely feels a lot closer from down there. To me, each player was about a centimeter tall, though I could see the entire game being played out extremely well and comfortably.

(I do not know the person who happened to be in the photo!) Overall, great day. Too bad I discovered I liked baseball games at the end of the season, but there's always next year.


  1. I CAN'T believe you like the Yankees. And went to a Yankees game. And likely rooted for the Yankees.

    EW. So many negative points right there.


  2. I know you are a die hard Sox fan, but in my own defense, I have always been a Yankees fan because my dad was one, so I was raised that way. Mag Sangiolo and I used to fight (kiddingly, mostly) about it all the time in homeroom in high school, and she tried so hard to convert me to a Sox fan. Ever since I've moved to NY, though, I really couldn't care less. It was just that the tickets were free, and of course you root for the home team and the team of the state in which you reside...
    In other news I am a Patriots fan, if I had to pick an allegiance.

  3. boooo. hehehe, my boyfriend is a die hard mets fan. And since I'm living in Queens and am dating my boyfriend, I guess that makes me a Mets fan too:) He gets tickets through his work and we went to a lot of games last season- I have to say though, my favorite part are the food vendors! I love how they walk around yelling out what they have. beer here! hot dogs! haha, it cracks me up!