September 19, 2008

a simple solution

I got a request for a blog entry last night, and it wasn't exactly from a reader. It was from the boy, who had helped me out with something great!

As you're all well aware, I got an iPhone on Monday. Though I had a nifty clear, hard case for it to protect it, I quickly found something I didn't have -- a way to carry it around with me when I'm on walks with Jolly, sans purse. We used to have this not so attractive leash bag from Outward Hound, but come on, we are sophisticated, stylish people here (plus it's old and tarnished and wouldn't fit.)
leashplus I tried making my own case, but that was doomed to fail from the start because I can't sew. I put a word out on Etsy that I was looking to buy, but I needed something fast! Yesterday when I woke up, I tossed my phone into the front chest pocket of my shirt (it's really the boy's, but I hijacked it.) We went outside, and Jolly pooed, so when I bent down to pick it up, out popped my phone onto the pavement, luckily not in the poo, but it was enough to fear for my pretty phone's life! That's when I decided something had to be done!

I went to Radio Shack, and I found a camera case that fit perfectly. Perfectly, as though it were made for it, except not. For only $6.99. Score.

I went home and I was like, gee, how am I going to attach this thing to the leash? I called the boy, who didn't pick up, to ask if we had any carabiners laying around, and I found several, but I attached it in this weird knotty position, not good at all. So when the boy came home, I asked him to reconfigure it, and of course he did it way more efficiently than I, in half the time, with half the supplies. He used the S-Biner I found burried in a junk bin (a purchase, he told me to tell you, that I had once scowled at because I didn't see its purpose for a boy who never went backpacking anymore.)

There you have it, my custom (sort of) iPhone leash bag. (And you can also see my DIY-ed poo bag holder, using simply a hair tie to keep it in place on the leash! [Edit: I was also instructed to add that the hair tie was also the boy's doing, not mine.])