September 11, 2008

it's the little things

I love submitting hacks to Ikea Hacker, so I snapped a few pictures to show off our 'recycling center.'

Recycle Nook

We use a Bjuron plant stand, with a Fibbe bin underneath to hold plastic bags that we recycle at the grocery store, and a clear bin (I couldn't find the name of it, but it's like the Slugis) to hold recyclables ready to be put out for collection in the building. I covered the flap of the Fibbe bin with some wood grain contact paper because it was getting a little grimey looking, but now it's much better!


We used to just pile stuff up in the corner, or hope that we had a big paper shopping bag laying around to keep everything in, but it was always very messy. Also, we needed to put the recyclables up high because our dog used to always steal things from the pile and chew them up! Now she can't reach, so it's prefect.

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