October 28, 2008

oh gloomy day

Such a rainy, gloomy day today. Even so, I took Jolly to the dog run, but there were only two dogs there. After a while we left, and I snapped this picture on the river. I loved the way the smoke stacks looked in the sky, though of course I obviously don't like that they are such pollutants in the first place.

I have many blog posts that I need to write, but I've been so busy lately with school, with more exams and due dates coming up in the next few weeks. Speaking of post ideas. Yesterday I read online that it is possible to make custom ringtones for the iPhone without paying for them through iTunes. The idea isn't to circumnavigate paying the 99 cent fee, but rather that some songs aren't available to make into a ringtone in the first place, regardless of whether or not you are willing to pay. So I read up on how to create them, and get iTunes to accept it (and then download it to your phone.) In doing so, I devised my own way that deviated slightly from most of the tutorials out there. Are there any readers who would be interested in such a tutorial? I may write one anyway, but do let me know.

1 comment:

  1. like the pic; the boat adds a cute little touch.

    i can't put custom ringtones on my phone but i would still be interested in reading about your way of creating them!