October 25, 2008

postcard design

I designed a postcard for a downtown dog daycare boutique to announce that they are now offering 10 dollar half hour walks. This is the front side. I did not take the photo, though it was not very high quality to begin with, which led to some problems when printing. In the future I hope to use the higher resolution shots that I took, even with my camera, it should be an improvement. In the coming weeks I will also be designing a rates postcard and a general flyer postcard, too. I love postcards!


  1. very cool! is this for the boy or for a different doggy daycare place?

  2. I like the pictures you took, especially the one that says "one way". But playing pups is pretty cute too!

  3. those dogs look like they are gonna kill each other! :-P

    how've you been? what TV were you using to replace the internet? my replacement for the last 6 weeks (and likely for the next) has been disney channel and House. :-)

    hope all is well! :-)