October 22, 2008

the best sorbet around

ciao bella mango
Have you all ever had Ciao Bella gelato or sorbetto? There are dozens of flavors. Two days ago I ordered a pizza for delivery and an hour later it still hadn't shown up. I called the pizza parlor back, turns out they had dropped the receipt for my order on the floor so it was never made. The man taking my order offered to send over some sorbet, his "best stuff" he said. We'll, I've heard of Ciao Bella before, I might have even had the vanilla gelato before, which wasn't that great. I wasn't expecting anything special when a whole pint of Mango Sorbetto arrived with my pizza. All the other mango ice creams I've had in the past are too icy and don't taste like mangos.

If you do like mango, I urge you all to run out to your grocery store and get some. It's amazing. Its not icy, it's so smooth and, well, pure mango! So refreshing. I could literally eat a whole pint without noticing, it's so light, comforting and delicious. Fat free, too!


  1. looks yummy! i keep seeing it in stores but never tried it before... have you ever tried Häagen-Dazs' mango ice cream? i didn't really like that but i think it was because it was too ice cream-y... sorbet sounds good though.

  2. I loooove it so much! ;0) Its also vegan (animal product free!) yay! Michele, http://mvegan5.etsy.com