October 21, 2008

thank blog I'm back

I knew today would be the day. When I got out of class, I had a voicemail from a 212 number, and I heard that my laptop was ready! After only five days in the shop. I went right to the Apple store and got my baby back. They replaced the logicboard completely. With a happy sigh, I say, life can finally return back to normal (though I was getting used to replacing TV shows with the Internet!)

This past Friday was not a good day. At 8:45am, just before I was going to get up to go to class, the building's super knocks on my door to say that the plumbers working on the unit above me needed to get into my apartment. These are the same guys behind the lovely leak in my kitchen ceiling, and I had to go to class, so I said no, they'll have to come another time.

Then I received one of the worst phone calls of my life from the management company, threatening me that if I didn't let them in, I would be evicted. After that, she manages to tell me it's an emergency. Well, why didn't you say so! I had no choice but to let them in, and I wouldn't have thought twice in the first place had I known that from the start. Then they tore a gorgeous hole in the boy's closet.

hole in the wall

Luckily, they've since patched it up. It didn't have to sit for weeks like the state of my kitchen. They fixed that too, both the light fixture and patching up the ceiling (though they haven't painted over the plaster yet.) In my excitement to have overhead lighting again, I realized, I've never blogged about my kitchen before!

Kitchen Before

This is our kitchen before we ever moved in. Tiny, salmon, and without much storage.

Through the Doorway
More Kitchen

We painted it light blue and installed some white metal shelving above the stove, but that wasn't enough. So we installed a pegboard on the side wall, and a small ikea shelf and a rail above the butcher block, I guess we can call it. That was enough for about five minutes, when I quickly realized we could maximize this space completely and inexpensively.


Over the summer, we took a trip to the Home Depot in Jersey City, where we got custom cut shelves that I painted white, and we hung them with Ikea Valter brackets.


Much improved. Now there isn't any more space to add storage, and I cannot imagine how we could have functioned in that kitchen without all of this. Never mind the fact that I rarely cook anyway. So that's my kitchen, and I am so glad to have it back to normal, and to have everything back to normal today!


  1. Great use of space! I am jealous. ;)

  2. that hole in the wall looks scary; glad they fixed it quickly!

  3. Hi Alicia, saw some of your stuff on IKEA hacker and tracked you back here. Just have to say I love what you do, your workspace is gorgeous and your kitchen is so nice! I'll add you to my blog list right away! :)
    Have a nice day/evening/night or whatever it is in New York...

  4. Hi Alicia. thanks for your comment! I don't know how to reply privately so I'll just write here. Hope it's ok or you can just delete this.
    Yes, I live in Rimini but it's mostly by coincidence. After university in 1999 I went to Italy for a couple of months to study Italian (but mostly to party...;)) and I met a guy from Puglia (the heel of the boot), he moved with me to Sweden after a couple of years living apart but then we decided to come to Italy and by chance he got a job here in Rimini. That was about 2 years ago and I like living here! We live in the center though... don't think I would like to live near the sea with all the hubbub as you say!
    Did you go to the town center? It's really sweet and very organized and clean, unlike many other Italian cities...;) This area is traditionally politically to the left since WW2 when many battles were fought here and a lot of people were partisans fighting in the mountains with the allies, against the fascists and nazis so for example the social system with schools, daycare and benefits is better than in most parts of italy. So, you see there is more to Rimini than just the beach and partying... :)
    Fortunately I haven't seen any medusas here, yet anyway, they can even be poisonous I've heard!
    It's really cool to get in contact with people like you through the blog, we live so different lives I imagine, I mean, I havn't even been to the US. I would really love to go to New York sometime!
    By the way, my home town in Sweden is only a few minutes away from the first ever IKEA store... cool or what?! ;)