October 14, 2008

up a creek without a laptop

I don't know what happened! Last night, I closed my beloved iBook G4 when I was done with it. A few minutes later, I opened it back up, and it wouldn't come off a blank white screen. After tons of troubleshooting, nothing had changed, so I made an appointment at the Apple store for Thursday. It's likely a problem with the logic board. Boo-hoo. I was even optimistic that Apple would release a great new MacBook today, but the new releases are nothing special, and not inexpensive enough to make me want to order a new one instead of paying to get mine fixed, which will likely cost about a third of a new laptop.

So, I don't know if I'll be posting too much, if at all this week, which I know is like blog suicide, as Anna pointed out a few days ago. Right now I'm on the boy's computer while he's still at work, and he'll likely claim it back when he gets home. I'll use the time to take a bit of a break from the Internet. I'm on my iPhone still, thank god for it, but besides that I'll lay low this week.

Today, though it's Tuesday, classes were on a Monday schedule, and I only have one class at 5:30, Accounting, which I had an exam in. The boy took the puppy to work with him today, and I was finished by 6:00, so computerless, dogless, and without any homework imminently due, I decided to leisurely walk home from school. Here's a few city shots from my iPhone to tide you over in my likely absence.

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  1. OOOH, What a bummer! That was my last laptopand the same thing happened to me. Just went d-e-a-d. I did have to ship it to Mac and they did re-boot and shipped back in about 4-5 days total. I've since bought a MacBook Pro and really love it, but yes- a bit $$$. I found you through A.T. - you left a comment on my ranch home/fall colors contest. Anyway, great blog! You'll be a weekly stop for me!