October 12, 2008

parasols part II

Last April, I wrote about my DIY adventure of hanging two parasols I bought at Pearl River Mart.

parasols on the wall

The other day an anonymous commenter (leave your name next time!) asked if I could better explain the system I used to hang the parasols with. On the other post, I had shown pictures of the simple wire hanger contraption the boy created, and the truth is that he bent the wire pretty arbitrarily until it balanced on the wall. But in all it came to a three-prong kind of a look.

Hanger DIY
the hanger configuration
Hanger Knot
I hope this helps. We happened to have hangers on hand, but you can really use any sort of contraption you can think of. Be creative!

luna bazaar parasols
The other day Holly at decor8 said that Luna Bazaar is offering 20% off to decor8 readers. Luna Bazaar has the most extensive collection of parasols, over 120 of them! They range in price from about $5-25.

For the square footage, parasols are an extremely affordable way to fill a wall. Think about it, we spend upwards of $30 for an 8x10 print, whereas these babies are anywhere from 20 to 32 inches across! I must say I am dying to fill a wall with them, and I think I will in our next place (whenever that is). They are too gorgeous not to.

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