October 08, 2008

from my bookmarks

I have a folder in my bookmarks labeled 'Keep'. It's the catch-all bin where I put sites that aren't blogs or Etsy shops, or essentials that I view every day. And just like a paper bin, sometimes things get thrown at the bottom and you forget they're there. So I went through and picked out a few to share.

From top left: This first one isn't really something I like, but I had to post it. When I first saw this shirt, $24.99, I couldn't for the life of me figure out what it said. Finally I got the 'unity' bit, but this is clearly a Southern urban thing, because no one in New York says 'n' like that!
Then there's the small red table, $129, from American Country Home. Since I probably wouldn't pay that much for a little table, I'm thinking I bookmarked it for inspiration!
My uber dream is to open a bakery, and I would love to learn how to make truffles and candy. The French Culinary Institute offers a 25-hour course to learn to make truffles, bonbons and more, for $995, but I think I may have to ride out this economy before that happens.

Bookmarks 2
Here's a book I've been meaning to get for forever, Bazaar Style, $19.77, by Selina Lake and Joanna Simmons (photography by Debi Treloar).
Lately I've been obsessing about graphic design and toying around with whether or not I want to go into it professionally. I really admire Jason Munn over at The Small Stakes for his amazing poster designs.

That's all for now! I survived a short 4-hour stint at jury duty this morning and am currently cozying on the couch in sweats, nursing a terrible cold, complete with a runny nose capable of consuming a whole box of tissues before you can say 'sniffle'. Luckily I have nothing but laying around to do until Friday.

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