January 11, 2009

retail therapy

There's nothing like shopping to give me a pick-me-up, and I really needed it. I only picked up a few things in Union Square today, but I always love the escalator ride up to the 5th floor of Filene's Basement. There you look out the window at this great view of the square. Ever since the holidays have been over, the city has felt so quiet. I love it. I wish it were like this all the time. One thing I can't stand here is all the crowds, especially when I'm shopping. But not today!

Stay tuned this week. I really want to post about the two awesome pairs of snow boots I bought, (one is a total splurge!) but they haven't come yet and I am very superstitious about them fitting, so I will write about them after I've tried them on! I can't wait.


  1. Ah Filene's. When I make it to NY, that will be one of the places I visit.

  2. oh i love these photos of union square! reminds me of eating at whole foods next store!