January 16, 2009

shoe sadness

I so badly wanted to report to you all that I had found my dream boots to wear frolicking in the snow. But alas, both pairs arrived on Wednesday, and both pairs were shipped back today.

I ordered the Columbia boots ($84.95, right) first, also never having seen them or tried them on in person before. I just wanted a simple snow boot. But I kept thinking of these dream boots I tried on the year before (meaning, early winter 2007) that I was dying to have, but didn't get because they were too expensive. This year, I decided that no matter what, I would find the perfect waterproof snow boot no matter what the (under $200) cost. So I tracked down the Pajar Grip boots ($185, left) online and bought them immediately, despite the $185 price tag that was so forbidden last winter.

Both arrived only two days after ordering, what with Zappos shipping being so speedy and free, and they almost always upgrade it to overnight, and the Pajar boots coming from New Jersey. I was so excited when the UPS plopped them down outside my door, and I ripped the boxes open and had to jam. the boots. onto my feet. Both pairs were just a tad too small, and yet a size bigger in either would likely have been too large. That's the problem with having a tiny size 5-1/2 foot.

But that wasn't the major flaw. The problem was that neither pair really looked any good on me! The gorgeous Pajar boots were really made for some stick-thin, 6-foot-tall model, and alas I am neither stickly, nor tall. The look of my wide hips tapering down to ultra skinny calfs--because the shaft of the boots is just so slim--just wasn't right, even in leggings. And the Columbia boots didn't work either, with the top of the boot about two inches shorter than my Uggs, they were just too short.

So what do I do? I have combed Zappos many times over and I still can't find the perfect boot that I feel confident can stand up to galavanting in two feet of snow. I'm thinking about these from Patagonia, but they are crushed velvet, and I was hoping for that swishy waterproof texture. Ah, well, I'll keep looking and update you if I find anything suitable.


  1. Look for a pair on Etsy?


    No, I'm sure you've tried that, but at this rate, I will not be surprised (but will certainly want to read about it) if you end up road tripping to some amazing real world shoe store for the perfect fit.

  2. It is so disappointing when you get a parcel and its not just right. Atleast it gives you an excuse to keep on shopping (and getting more parcels in the mail!) :) Good Luck in your boots search!!

  3. I have been there too, where I think I found the perfect pair, then they are not quite right:( Hope you find the perfect pair soon:)

  4. I have size 5 feet too, and it was a nightmare finding boots (they're always too tall!)

    I found a nice pair of Tretorns though (http://www.tretorn.com/)..and they are lined with warm lining... and i think you can buy them of zappos.
    I have been living in them all winter!!

  5. Good luck on your boot shopping...I too hate shoe shopping...nothing ever seems to fit.
    I'm sure the perfect pair is out there though :)

  6. Those are some great boots! Sorry they didn't fit. :( But guess what?

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  7. two feet of snow, really?! i guess i'll see tomorrow; can't wait to be back :)

    hope you find the right boots soon!

  8. Oh I didn't mean that we actually had two feet of snow, just that should I need to go galavanting in some, I have the right shoes to do it!