March 07, 2009

love at first sight

New Printer
My printer came! I killed myself lifting its 43 lbs. out of the box and onto the cart. My smaller HP Deskjet and my scanner were kicked out for this baby. Now they're in another corner on a wooden drink cart, ha! The printer is such a horse. It's huge. Especially when you see it in the living room.

Test Print
Here's the first test print. And while I might have gotten still life photography down pat, I don't quite think I've gotten the whole picture-of-a-picture thing correct just yet! I'll work on that and get back to you. But, gosh, this printer is amazing. The quality is stunning, I am 100% happy with it, right out of the box. Oh, Printer, this is the beginning of a love affair.

New Art
This is a new print I just got in. Do you like it? It's Japanese. Just kidding. It's the test print the printer spews out when it's aligning its heads, but doesn't it look like a piece of graphic art? So I framed it. Maybe I will start a trend of framing print alignments.

Thats all for now, but in the coming days I will be perfecting my prints, deciding on a logo, and getting even closer to opening my shop. Today is a happy day!


  1. i love it!!!! all!!! the printer, the new PRINT, and the print alignment, lol. this is so exciting! :)

  2. Very nice blog! What kind of printer is it?

  3. what a wonderful idea framing the print test. i love it!

  4. Thanks, Jessica & Jessica Marie! hehe

    blog - It's an Epson Stylus Pro 3800! =)

  5. Hi Alicia,
    Isn't it fun getting new gadgets? Especially when the make such a difference for your new business. I'm looking forward to seeing you open the doors soon! Great blog!