April 15, 2007

New Stuff at Home

Three new, cool things that were on sale, standing out in my apartment.

image source: Crate & Barrel

The Archetype wall box ($19.95) at Crate & Barrel, is above the kitchen table for holding all the crap that usually gets thrown on the kitchen table (candy, papers, the toaster). I plan to cut out a piece of cardboard to fit exactly inside and upholster it with a cool looking fabric! Eventually.

image source: The Container Store

I bought an oval flocked wastebasket in nova blue ($4.99) in hopes of converting it into a newspaper holder. My boyfriend has a subscription to The Wallstreet Journal and reads The Village Voice and The Onion, so there are always tons of newspapers hanging around on the table or on the chairs, and for the puppy to eat. It does look like a trash can, especially with newspaper popping out of it, but I plan to buy some cool ribbon to string through the pipe cleaner-like wires and then perhaps hang it on the wall.

image source: Pearl River Mart

Tonight we hung a white string of lanterns ($9.50) above the opening of the kitchen (picture later). This was my idea, but as they were going up, I tried to abort. The boyfriend wouldn't let me and he continued to hang them. They add some festivity to the room, albeit perhaps a bit of tackiness, slash college dorm-ness, and a splash of messiness.

It's all about the accessories!

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